NYJ1, NZJ1, NZJ2 Class Units

China even has a few diesel unit trains. I hesitate to use the usual term, DMU, because multiple working is exceptional in China. The first unit was produced as early as 1958 but the concept didn't catch on. It wasn't until the turn of the century that units were built in any quantity. The trains produced to date have had two power cars with a number of unpowered trailers in between. Units still work very few passenger services in China and the vast majority of passenger trains are still locomotive hauled.

Class NYJ1 are Sifang built and consist of a pair of power cars sandwiching a number of lightweight trailers. Each power car is fitted with a 750 kW Caterpillar engine driving one bogie via a hydraulic transmission. The other bogie is unpowered. A number of sets are in service with CNR operating regional express services, particularly in Harbin and Nanchang Bureaux. The JiTong railway uses NYJ1s between Tongliao and Hohhot and the BaoShen line operates a Baotou - Shemu service with them. In spite of their streamlined appearance these are not high speed trains and have a maximum speed of only 140 km/h. Passenger accommodation varies considerably between units. For instance, the JiTong sets have sleepers and soft class seating in addition to hard seat but the Harbin bureau units are hard seat only.

The NZJ1 is a high speed double deck unit with a maximum speed of 180 km/h. The power cars are produced by Qishuyan and each is fitted with a 12V280ZJ engine, developing 2760 kW. They have electric transmission and an A1A-A1A wheel arrangement. The engine is a 12 cylinder version of the type used in the DF8 and DF11 locos. The trailers come from Puzhen Carriage Works in Nanjing. They are used on regional express services around Shanghai.

The NZJ2 is Dalian's answer to Qishuyan's NZJ1. It is also a double deck unit with a maximum speed of 180 km/h but employs Co-Co power cars fitted with the same 16V240ZJ engine as the DF4D. These units are in service between Beijing and Tianjin and between Lanzhou and Xining.