DF2 Class Co'-Co' Diesel-Electrics

Like the DF, the DF2 design dates back to the Soviet technical assistance programme of the late 1950s. During WWII, the US military requisitioned 157 ALCO RS1s. These were fitted with 6 motor Co-Co trucks instead of the standard Bo-Bo configuration used on most of the class. Some went to Iran and others to the USSR as war aid. The Soviet locos were classed DA and obviously impressed their new owners who built copies as class TE1-20 after the war. They also took the design to China.

The Chinese version retains the cab and short hood of the DA but the long hood is full height to accommodate a 6E207 engine, a six cylinder version of the Fairbanks-Morse prime mover fitted to the DF. Qishuyan built around 140 between 1964 and 1971. A handful were also built in the mid 1980s bringing the total to almost 150.

The DF2 were used primarily as shunting locomotives in southern China but a number were employed in the Beijing area until the mid 1990s when they were displaced by more modern locos. A few found their way into industrial service after being retired by the state railways.