DF5 Class Co'-Co' Diesel-Electrics

The most recent DF5s have been built with a low short hood. DF5 2056 is one of a number employed by CNR to shunt yards in the JIxi area.

The DF5 is a Co-Co hood unit designed for heavy shunting and trip work. It is powered by an 8 cylinder inline 8240ZJ engine from the same family as the 16V240ZJ used in the DF4, rated at 1210 kW / 1600 HP. Other important components, such as the bogies, are also common to both DF4 and DF5 classes.

The original DF5 was developed jointly by Tangshan and Dalian works in the mid 1970s. Tangshan built around 30 between 1976 and 1982. In spite of its similarity to the successful DF4, the original DF5 design wasn't perpetuated and all are probably now withdrawn.

Dalian was charged with developing the design further and turned out improved prototypes DF5 1001 and 1002 in 1984. Series production began at Sifang in 1986 and over 1000 have been produced to date. They can be found in many parts of China and are common in Hohhot, Shenyang and Harbin Bureaux.

In addition to the standard locos produced by Sifang from the mid 1980s onwards, a couple of non-standard batches have also been built. DF5 4001 - 4008 were produced for working at the border stations of Suifenhe (Russia) and Erlian (Mongolia). They are fitted with 5' gauge bogies and painted in a red livery. Additional locos may also have been built to work the Alashankou crossing into Kazakhstan.

Another small batch of red DF5 numbered in the DF5 50xx series have also occasionally been reported. These are standard gauge locos and the border crossings with North Korea. Further locos may be found working the standard gauge yards at the Russian, Mongolian and Kazakh borders.