GKD Series Diesel-Electrics

The GKD1 is a Dalian built Bo-Bo fitted with an inline 6 cylinder version of the standard DF4 engine, producing a useful 990 kW / 1300 HP. This is GKD1 4009, one of a pair of GKD1 operated by the power station at Yuanbaoshan near Chifeng. It was photographed on 2 March 2003.

China has a large number of industrial railways serving the mining, steel, chemical, electricity and other heavy industries. Many of these lines still use steam locomotives while others have opted for diesels designed for CNR, either bought new or acquired second hand when their main line lives were over.

In addition, there are two ranges of diesels designed specifically for industrial use. Those with hydraulic transmission are classified GK while the diesel-electrics are GKD. Within the basic classifications are a wide variety of designs from a number of different builders.