DF11 Class Co'-Co' Diesel-Electrics

The DF11 is a high speed passenger locomotive powered by the same 16V280ZJ engine used in the DF8 and DF8B designs. It's a 3610 kW Co-Co with a 170 km/h maximum speed a very distinctive, semi-streamlined body and a blue and cream livery.

Qishuyan have built over 450 since the early 1990s and they can be found working express passengers in many parts of China, often in pairs on the heaviest workings.

Eight single cab locos, designed to work back to back in pairs, were built to haul official trains for government leaders. These carry a green livery similar to the standard DF4B, are classed DF11Z and can often be seen between duties at Beijing Diesel Depot, just outside the main station. They can occasionally be seen working regular passenger trains out of Beijing as well.

The latest version of the design is the DF11G, another single cab, twin unit machine with a more rounded streamlined front end, a flashier blue and white livery and an auxiliary generator to supply "hotel" power to the train. They have the same power output and maximum speed as the standard DF11 and can be found working principal expresses between Beijing and Shanghai.