DF10s at Work

DF10 Class Co'-Co' Diesel-Electrics

The DF10 appears to be a series of designs based around the 12 cylinder version of the 16V240ZJ engine fitted to the DF4 series.

The first incarnation was a pair of Dalian built single cab Bo-Bo diesels designed to operate back to back. Only one pair was produced.

The next version was the DF10F, another single cab twin unit design produced in the 1990s but this time with a Co-Co arrangement, a 12V240ZJD engine and a 160 km/h maximum speed. Only a few were produced and they can still be seen around Beijing on a few express passenger workings.

Dalian built 50 DF10Fl locos for Iraq in 2002 although these are traditional double cab machines and have a body design that appears to be based on the DF4D rather than the more rakish DF10F.

A DF10D road switcher has also appeared recently. This is a Co-Co hood unit, again fitted with the 12V240ZJD engine and has been built in small numbers by Dalian for industrial users. Locos numbered up to DF10D 0088 have been reported.