DFH3 Class B'-B' Diesel-Hydraulics

On 29th January 1991, Changchun depot played host to a number of locos, including DFH3 0186 and DFH3 0247. The hood unit to the right of the DFH3s is a DF5 heavy shunter.

The DFH3 is nominally a development of the earlier DFH1 and was produced from the mid 1970s to the late 1980s. By the time production started, China had several years experience with real German hydraulics of class NY5 and this obviously influenced the design of the DFH3. The loco is basically the equivalent of the DB Class 221 or the BR "Western" designs with it's twin Maybach inspired 1000 kW / 1350 HP 1500 rpm engines and Voith style hydraulic transmissions. Around 300 were built by Sifang.

The DFH3 was primarily responsible for dieselising express passenger workings in Manchuria and most of the class spent all their lives there. All are almost certainly withdrawn although a few went into industrial service, for which they would appear to be totally unsuitable. It is just possible that one or two may still be be working somewhere in the north east but it’s very unlikely.