Fri 20 Sep 2013

Another difficult day with lots of rain and only one brief sunny break. Once again, the whole day was spent in the Wiesau / Pechbrunn area, failing to get a Ludmilla in the sun as usual.

Passenger services produced no surprises with the additional, Fridays only, ALEX services producing as expected. The REs are slightly different on Fridays as well but all were worked by DB class 610 DMUs, with Vogtlandbahn class 642 DMUs on the locals as always.

Freights were a bit less predictable than usual. The early Nürnberg - Cheb ran but I didn’t see the Zwickau, usually an excellent timekeeper, although a 232 did go south light engine around the right time. The empty car carriers went north again and a loaded train of car carriers came south, the first I’ve seen this year. The afternoon freight from Cheb, also usually reliable, didn’t run but the northbound did. There was also an Altenschwand (near Schwandorf) - Cierna nad Tisou (on the Slovakia/Ukraine border) freight in the timetable but nothing appeared.

The day’s most interesting working was also the only one to get any sort of light, although it wasn’t full sun by any means. Rennsteigbahn’s (no I hadn’t heard of them either) 213.339 went south with a rake of empty timber wagons in the late afternoon. This was the same loco I’d seen yesterday. Another interesting loco was 223.152, which went north light engine during the afternoon. The loco carried IntEgro branding (another new one to me) although it had a Pressnitztalbahn EVN. I may have seen the loco on Wednesday on a southbound container train somewhere around Weiden in the early evening - the livery looked similar but it wasn’t logged as I didn’t recognise anything about the loco then.


Loco Train
Train Details Notes
232.618 EZ45367 05:19 Nürnberg Rbf - Cheb Freight 08:36

Oberteich, N of Wiesau

Loco Train
Train Details Notes
232.609   SB Light Engine 09:37
223.071 [VBG] ALX84102 06:44 München Hbf - Hof Hbf 09:41
232.527   NB Car Carriers 09:54
223.065 [VBG] ALX84111 09:40 Hof Hbf - München Hbf 10:16
223.072 [VBG] ALX84124 09:01 München Hbf - Hof Hbf 11:54
223.071 [VBG] ALX84113 11:40 Hof Hbf - München Hbf 12:16 GA49996 10:05 Cheb - Zeebrugge Freight 12:23
223.065 [VBG] ALX84106 10:44 München Hbf - Hof Hbf 13:42
223.072 [VBG] ALX84115 13:40 Hof Hbf - München Hbf 14:15
233.373 EZ45369 11:39 Nürnberg Rbf - Cheb Freight 15:07 [VBG] ALX84135 14:43 Hof Hbf - Regensburg Hbf 15:18
223.064 [VBG] ALX84108 12:44 München Hbf - Hof Hbf 15:55
223.152 [PRESS]   NB Light Engine 16:25
(IntEgro loco)
294.599 56960 16:42 Marktredwitz - Wiesau Pick Up 16:27
213.339 [RSBG]   SB Timber Empties 16:59
(Rennsteigbahn loco)
223.072 [VBG] ALX84110 14:44 München Hbf - Hof Hbf 17:44