Gallery Reformatting Complete

The remaining photo galleries have now been reformatted and uploaded with a number of additional photos added, mainly images that appeared in trip reports but failed to make it to the galleries for some reason. A photo index page in the new style has also been added. Your browser should redirect you automatically but if it doesn't, use the link below.

The new photos page has been moved into a new section called Collections, which will contain collections of photos that are linked by a common theme but don't fit neatly into the country based structure.

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Zimbabwe : New Photo Galleries

Zimbabwe's Garratts were active on line work into the 1990s, handling heavy trains on the Victoria Falls and West Nicholson lines from Bulawayo long after their South African and East African counterparts had been retired. A first batch of 18 new photos have been added, showing locos of Classes 15, 16A and 20 at work in 1987 with, as a free bonus, a look at one of the CFM Class 951 Garratts, fresh from overhaul at ZECO. There are plenty more where these came from, to be scanned when time permits.

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