Final Entry on Tractive Efforts

Tractive Efforts Reports, Maps, Movies, Links have all been moved onto Railography, leaving only the photo galleries. Tractive Efforts effectively ceased to exist on this date.

China North East Trip Report

Return to SY Heaven. Report of a return visit trip to some of the main industrial steam centres of the north-east including Meihekou, Jixi and Zhalainuoer. Includes Jiaojie Ironworks, a JF guarding the Russian border and the Iron Bull of Jixi.

China New Huanan Photos

New Gallery Added - Pictures from the Huanan section of the September trip added.

North West China Photos

New Gallery Added - Pictures from the North West Frontier trip added.

North West China Report Added

New Report Added - North West Frontier. A trip to see industrial steam in Xinjiang and Gansu, visiting Yamansu, Sandaoling, Yaojie, Tiehejinchang, Liujiaxia and Baiyin.

China Loco List Updates

Class and Location Lists Updated.

Autumn China Trip Report

New Report Added - Main Line Steam Finale - A final visit to the JiTong line followed by a few days on the Huanan narrow gauge.

JiTong Steam Finale Pictures

JiTong Finale pictures added.

More Loco List Updates

Class and Location Lists Updated. Loco Finder page added to Gricers Guide.

Gricer's Guide and Loco Lists Updated

Class and Location Lists Updated. Modified Gricers Guide Index Page.

More China Loco List Updates

Class and Location Lists Updated.

China Loco List Updates

Class and Location Lists Updated.

More China Maps and Photos

Jixi Didao and Jixi Lishu detail maps added.
March 2005 Photo Galleries added.

China Steam Location Maps Added

Jixi Overview Map, Meihekou Mine Railway Map added. High Definition Meihekou Map added.

China Trip Report Added

New Report Added - Manchurian Industrials - A successful trip to Meihekou, Jixi, Dayan, Jalainur and Dahuichang in early March 2005.

China Loco Lists Expanded

Location Lists expanded to almost 300 operations in two series, CNR Bureaux and Non CNR Locations including industrial and local railways and museums. Cross linking added between location and class lists.

Bryan Acford China Report

Bryan Acford's report of his trip to Pingdingshan, Yuzhou, Xingyang, Tiefa, Lindong, Yuanbaoshan and Pingzhuang in January/February 2005.

Loco List Updates

Number Lists updated. More historic data added. More Location Lists added

Lindong Pictures Added

Lindong Pictures added to December 2004 photo gallery.

Gricer's Guide Updates

Number Lists brought up to date.
Class Profiles added for FD class 2-10-2s, KD6 class 2-8-0s, KD7 class 2-8-0s.
Number Lists added for FD, KD6, KD7 and 42 other classes.
Location Lists section added with rosters for individual locations.

Video and Number List Updates

Number Lists updated. 4 new Bryan Acford movies added.

Central China Pictures

Central China Winter 2004/5 pictures added.

Central China Report

New Report Added - Central China - The Xuzhou area and Pingdingshan over the New Year.

Jingpeng Photos Added

December 2004 photo gallery added - Jingpeng Pass initially

Jingpeng Farewell Report

New Report added - Farewell to Main Line Steam - The JiTong Railway in December 2004.

Chinese Pacific Photos

Pacifics gallery added. A photo feature on the last years of the SL6 and RM pacifics.

SL Added to Gricer's Guide

SL6 Class Pacifics added to the Gricer's Guide.

RM Added to Gricer's Guide

RM Class Pacifics added to the Gricer's Guide.

Link Updates

Links page updated.
Link to Toshyuki Agura's website added (
Links to TravelChinaGuide Rail and Air timetables added.
Links to Wunderground weather pages added (NE, NW, Cen, SW, SE China).

More Bryan Acford China Video's Added

Six new movies from Bryan Acford, shot on our September trip to the JiTong Railway and Huanan, plus two from the Weihe Forestry Railway in 2000.

Gricer's Guide Updates

ET7 class 0-8-0Ts, GJ class 0-6-0Ts, XK2 class 0-6-0Ts, XK13 class 0-6-0Ts added to the Gricer's Guide.
Gricer's Guide number lists updated.

Bryan Acford China Video Added

Shangdian Single - Added Bryan Acford's video clip of QJ 7041 approaching Shangdian in Feb 2001.

China Loco List Update

Latest info added to Gricer's Guide number lists.

China Loco List Update

Significant update to Gricer's Guide number lists. All published lists brought up to date and additional historic data added.

China Photo Gallery Additions

September 2004 Photo Galleries added. 27 Pictures from Yuanbaoshan, Jingpeng Pass, Lindong and the Huanan narrow gauge.

Autumn China Trip Report Added

September 2004 Trip Report added. A trip to Yuanbaoshan, Jingpeng Pass, Lindong and the Huanan narrow gauge.

More Gricer's Guide Updates

Experimental Location Based Rosters added to the Gricer's Guide.
QJ Class vital statistics now differentiate between 8 & 12 wheel tender locos.

China Locomotive List Update

Gricer's Guide Locomotive Lists brought up to date.

More Bryan Acford China Videos

Five more of Bryan Acford's video clips added to Movies section.

QJ Added to Gricer's Guide

QJ Class 2-10-2s added to Class by Class. Minor mods to other classes.
Updated Gricer's Guide index page.

JS Added to Gricer’s Guide

JS Class 2-8-2s added to Class by Class (part of A Gricer’s Guide). Minor mods to other classes.

More Gricer's Guide Additions

More Classes added to the Gricer's Guide, Class by Class section: JF class 2-8-2s, JF6 class 2-8-2s and YJ class 2-6-2s. Update to SY class 2-8-2s.

Gricer's Guide Additions

The latest addition to the Gricer's Guide is Class by Class, a series of profiles of China's major steam classes. These will consist of a brief description of each class and a list showing the location of those locos reported over recent years. The series starts with profiles of two of the more significant industrial classes; PL2 class 2-6-2s and SY class 2-8-2s.

A Gricer's Guide to Chinese Railways

A Gricer's Guide . . . A new section for background information on China's railways. Initially, there's a page on Chinese Locomotive Numbering and another detailing the major Steam Classes.

Bryan Acford Video Clips

Movies Section added with Bryan Acford's Feb 2004 Video Clips.

Tiefa and Nanpiao Maps

Tiefa & Nanpiao Maps added.

Bryan Acford Trip Report

Bryan Acford's February report added. Beijing Museum, Dahuichang, Lindong and Reshui.

China Industrial Railway Photos

February Trip pictures added.

China Industrial Railways Report

February Trip Report added. A visit to industrial railways at Tongchuan, Pingdingshan, Nanpiao, Huludao and Tiefa and the railway museums at Beijing and Shenyang.

More China Pictures and Site Changes

Redesigned Tractive Efforts Interface uploaded.
More and bigger Summer 2003 pictures uploade

More Maintenance

e-mail link changed. Link between Tractive Efforts and Railography photo galleries added.

Site Maintenance

Various broken links, particularly on this page, fixed ... I hope.

Misc Additions

Bryan Acford's Chabuga and Pingzhuang maps added
Weihe and Tiefa pictures improved. Additional shots added to Weihe photoset.
Photo Index enhanced.

Site URL Change

Site Transfer from Virgin Net to completed.

Winter China Trip Report

December trip report added. Nanpiao and the JiTong Railway.

Bryan Acford Autumn Report

Bryan Acford's additional September 2003 notes added.

Autumn China Trip Report

August/September 2003 trip report added.

New China Trip Report and Photos

February/March 2003 trip report added.
Tiefa photos added.
Weihe photos added.

Links Page modified to open links to other sites in new windows.

New China Photos and Links

Winter 1984/5 Photos added to Photo Index.
Personal Favorite Photos added to Photo Index

New Link to QJ-News newsgroup added to Links page.
New Link to Bernd Seiler's FarRail site added to Links Page.

Site Upgrade

Site Interface updated.
Addition of Links and Reports pages.
No significant changes to content.

Misc Updates and Corrections

Yuanbaoshan map updated
Pingdingshan map updated
September/October 2002 trip report updated with further info on Pingdingshan from Bruce Evans and Li Weishu and corrections to Yuanbaoshan section.
Minor corrections to Pingdingshan photo page

New China Trip Report

November/December 2002 trip report added.
A trip to Jingpeng, Lindong, Pingzhuang and Yuanbaoshan

More Chinese Photos Added

Dahuichang photos from autumn 2002 added
Jingpeng - Shangdian photos from autumn 2002 added
Galadesitai - Shangdian photos from autumn 2002 added
Daban - Galadesitai photos from autumn 2002 added

Chinese Photo Galleries Added

Photo Index added
Pingdingshan photos from autumn 2002 added
Pingzhuang photos from autumn 2002 added

Chinese Maps Added

Pingdingshan map added
Yuanbaoshan map added
Pingzhuang map added

China Trip Report Added

September/October 2002 trip report added - an autumn visit to the Ji-Tong Railway, Pingdingshan and the Chifeng area mine railways.

Tractive Efforts Launched

Tractive Efforts was created as an outlet for my Chinese photos and trip reports.