UK More B & H Photos Added

Despite the Covid pandemic and lockdowns the Berks and Hants has remained a busy freight railway and if anything has become even busier with new flows of stone introduced in an attempt to satisfy the insatiable demand of construction in the south-east. The Class 59s remain dominant but now with Freightliner's green class 66s replacing DB red and EWS maroon machines in the supporting role. DB still retains a presence on non-MRL stone workings but other operators barely get a look in. This update adds 62 pictures taken on the line between March and June 2021.

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China : Photo Galleries : Nancha Pictures

Nancha was one of the best places to see steam at work in China in the late 1980s. There was an almost continuous procession of QJ hauled freights on the Harbin to Jiamusi main line but the most spectacular workings were on the steeply graded branch to the north where the heaviest trains were double headed and banked. As well as QJs, high deflectored JS still worked some traffic. This update adds 39 pictures taken around Nancha in 1988 and 1989 plus a few others taken elsewhere around the same time.

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China : Photo Galleries : Changchun Pictures


A selection of 17 photos, most taken around Changchun in 1988 and 1989, and featuring RM and SL Class Pacifics as well as JF Class 2-8-2s and the inevitable QJ Class 2-10-2s. There are also a handful of pictures of SYs including a brand new loco awaiting painting at Tangshan.

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China : Photo Galleries : Baotou Pictures


A selection of 27 photos featuring 10 different classes of steam locomotive, taken in various locations between 1988 and 1991, with around half from Baotou Steelworks when the ET7 and XK13 tanks were still active. There are also some pictures from the CNR depot at Baotou and a few Pacifics and QJs around Changchun and Jilin, some of which are better renderings of images published before.

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