Site Updates

It's been a year since the last entry on the News page but site updates have continued with over 600 new pictures added to the UK photo galleries.

The reason for this message is to alert viewers to some changes that have taken place behind the scenes. These shouldn't make any difference to the way the site works but might generate error messages if your browser is using cached copies of the old pages. Any such messages can be ignored and should disappear when you refresh the page.

Another change that has only just begun is the transition to a secure site. Some browsers may have alerted you to the fact that Railography is not a secure site, which means that the data sent between the server and your browser isn't encrypted. Why would it be? I don't ask you for private information and don't send you private information, there's nothing that actually needs encryption. The problem is that the internet world expects websites to be secure these days and sites like Railography that don't use encryption are marked down in search engine results etc.

The change to a secure site will take some time but while it's underway you might notice that some links take you to the secure version of pages on the site while others take you to the original version There's no difference between the two apart from the way the internet delivers the data to your browser. Any links you have to pages on the original version should continue to work, even after the whole site has been moved over, but will redirect your browser to the secure version of the page.

If you do experience problems using the site then please let me know at

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