Gallery Reformatting Complete

The remaining photo galleries have now been reformatted and uploaded with a number of additional photos added, mainly images that appeared in trip reports but failed to make it to the galleries for some reason. A photo index page in the new style has also been added. Your browser should redirect you automatically but if it doesn't, use the link below.

The new photos page has been moved into a new section called Collections, which will contain collections of photos that are linked by a common theme but don't fit neatly into the country based structure.

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Slovakia : Photo Galleries : minor update

Slovakia has now been migrated to the newer style of photo gallery with the ability to view images by line, class etc. There are only a handful of new images but all the existing pictures are now a bit larger than they were.

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Slovak Photos : Major Update

A major update to the Slovak photo galleries with new pictures from my March/April and May 2011 trips and remastered oldies from 2003. The galleries now contain over 200 photos of 33 different classes in 10 galleries.

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Slovak Trip Report : Slovak Diesels updated

The report of my trip to Slovakia in late March and early April 2011, updated to include details of a second trip to the Zvolen and Roznava areas in early May 2011. This trip also included a couple of days on the electrified main line at Strba.

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Slovak Trip Report : Slovak Diesels

This report covers a long overdue return to Slovakia after an absence of eight years. Most of the major diesel worked lines were visited including the northern end of the Prievidza - Nove Zamky line, the extensive network of lines around Zvolen and Banska Bystrica, the routes east to Kosice and Margecany and the Humenne - Presov and Humenne - Banovce lines.

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Slovak Pictures Added - May 2003

It's only taken 4 years to get these shots up on the website! They cover the electrified east-west main line in the area around Strba, where the line runs close to the High Tatra mountains, the electrified lines to the Ukrainian border east of Kosice, including the 5' gauge line, and the diesel worked lines north and east of Presov.

Skirting the High Tatra
East of Kosice
Presov to Humenne
Presov to Bardejov

Slovak Photos - Zvolen in May 2003

The lines around Zvolen and Banska Bystrica in south-central Slovakia provide the photographer with plenty of scenic locations, a high proportion of loco hauled passenger trains and some freight workings. In spite of the recent introduction of modern class 840 railcars and the beginning of electrification work on the line between Zvolen and Banska, there's still a lot to see and photograph. These pictures were taken during May 2003.

Zvolen Photos