Sun 09 Sep 2012

The final day of the trip began with a run down to Arth-Goldau to leave my case in left-luggage for collection later. Once again there was wrong line running on the Gotthard for much longer than necessary. We changed over immediately after leaving Göschenen but were approaching Gurtnellen before we crossed the first opposing train, a southbound ICN. After a short wait at Gurtnellen for the following EC, we crossed back to the right line to run past the work site. The red Ae6/6 was still parked outside Erstfeld depot but there was no sign of the two green Ae6/6s I’d seen being hauled down the hill yesterday. They must have gone further north. The sun shone all the way to Arth-Goldau but a bank of fog or low cloud was visible a few km to the north. Just as well I wasn’t going there immediately.

From Arth-Goldau I back-tracked to Brunnen and spent the morning photting at Ingenbohl, less than 2km north of the station. As well as the expected passengers there were a few freights as well, all powered by the usual SBB Cargo, DB or Crossrail locos. It was also noticeable that while SBB Cargo and Crossrail trains were still double headed on the gentler grades further north, DB tended to use single locos.

At midday I moved north to Immensee and was pleased to see that the fog or cloud had completely gone. The next few hours were spent walking the trackside path south of Immensee, once I’d found it, photting passengers and the few freights that passed. It was noticeably quieter on the freight front than the previous weekend, probably due to the resumption of normal services via the Simplon Tunnel. As well as the usual Gotthard trains, this section also sees Luzern - Romanshorn “Voralpen Express” services, which I had thought were normally worked by SOB class 456 electrics. However two of the sets in use were powered by SBB Re4/4s, normal practice I’m informed and a nice change to the SOB entries for the World’s Stupidest Locomotive Liveries contest.

There were a couple of unexpected workings in the afternoon. The northbound ETR470 was a complete mystery - could it have been a late running EC16 diverted via Rotkreuz due to pathing problems on the normal single-track route to Zug? It doesn’t seem likely. The other mystery, a southbound ICN set at 15:17, was solved when I got back to Arth-Goldau. It was an ECS move to Göschenen to work relief IR30188 back to Zürich later. This train was worked by a pair of class 540 motor coaches last week. When I saw a similar set parked at Arth-Goldau this morning I assumed they would be used again, clearly not.

I left Immensee at 17:30, by which time the sun was rapidly going behind the mountains, back to Arth-Goldau for the case then on to Zürich on relief IR30188 and finally to the airport for the flight home.


Loco Train
Train Details Notes
91-MGB 616 07:48 Andermatt - Göschenen 08:04
460.001 IR2272 06:11 Chiasso - Zürich HB 08:08
(travelled Göschenen to Arth-Goldau)


Loco Train
Train Details Notes EC153 07:04 Basel SBB - Milano Centrale 08:58


Loco Train
Train Details Notes
  Stabled 09:05
484.020 EC15 08:31 Zürich HB - Milano Centrale 09:05
523.010 21223 09:02 Baar Lindenpark - Erstfeld 09:25
(travelled Arth-Goldau to Brunnen)

Ingenbohl, N of Brunnen

Loco Train
Train Details Notes
  NB Intermodal 09:40
460.006 IR2170 07:11 Chiasso - Basel SBB 09:55
ICN665 09:09 Zürich HB - Lugano 10:00
500.031 ICN10012 07:47 Chiasso - Zürich HB 10:02
460.003 IR2165 08:04 Basel SBB - Locarno 10:06
185.138-DB   SB Intermodal 10:11
470.008 EC12 07:10 Milano Centrale - Zürich HB 10:14
  NB Intermodal 10:50
11151 IR2276 08:45 Locarno - Zürich HB 10:57
460.082 IR2267 10:09 Zürich HB - Locarno 11:06
521.030 21230 11:00 Erstfeld - Baar Lindenpark 11:22
  NB Intermodal 11:43


Loco Train
Train Details Notes
521.020 21346 12:08 Brunnen - Luzern 12:00
(travelled Brunnen - Immensee) EC17 11:09 Zürich HB - Milano Centrale 12:05
460.006 IR2169 10:04 Basel SBB - Locarno 12:09


Loco Train
Train Details Notes
  SB Intermodal 13:00
456.096-SOB IR2419 12:40 Luzern - Romanshorn 13:02
  SB Intermodal 13:13
(DHL + ECS + Hapag)
11668   NB Empty Flats 13:20
521.020 21351 13:06 Luzern - Brunnen 13:31
460.008 IR2173 12:04 Basel SBB - Locarno 13:37
IR2418 11:34 Romanshorn - Luzern 13:54
  NB freight 13:58
456.095-SOB IR2421 13:40 Luzern - Romanshorn 14:03
11152 IR2178 11:45 Locarno - Basel SBB 14:20 21355 14:06 Luzern - Brunnen 14:32
ICN679 13:04 Basel SBB - Lugano 14:40   NB empty stock? 14:42
  NB Intermodal 14:53
IR2420 12:34 Romanshorn - Luzern 14:55
11148 IR2423 14:40 Luzern - Romanshorn 15:03
500.025   SB empty stock 15:17
521.020 21359 15:06 Luzern - Brunnen 15:32
11197 IR2177 14:04 Basel SBB - Locarno 15:42
IR2422 13:34 Romanshorn - Luzern 15:57 IR2425 15:40 Luzern - Romanshorn 16:02
460.003 IR2182 13:45 Locarno - Basel SBB 16:21
523.021 21363 16:06 Luzern - Brunnen 16:31
185.097-DB   SB Freight 16:47
IR2424 14:34 Romanshorn - Luzern 16:56
456.091-SOB IR2427 16:40 Luzern - Romanshorn 17:02
521.020 21367 17:06 Luzern - Brunnen 17:29


Loco Train
Train Details Notes
540.031   Stabled 17:40
500.025 IR30188 16:47 Göschenen - Zürich HB 17:45
(travelled Arth-Goldau to Zürich HB)

Zürich HB

Loco Train
Train Details Notes
IR2135 17:15 Biel/Bienne - Konstanz 18:37
(travelled Zürich HB to Zürich Fhn)