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These classes are similar EMUs from the Siemens Desiro Mainline range. The 127 Class 450 4-car units for outer suburban services were introduced in 2003 and the 45 Class 444 5-car units for long distance services the following year. All are 750V DC 3rd rail units and work for South Western Railway.
The Class 450s were introduced to replace slam door stock on outer suburban duties from Waterloo, replacing slam door stock on these services. They are often used on longer runs for which the 2+3 seating is unsuitable. The Class 444s were intended for the longer routes and have more comfortable 2+2 seating. both types have a maximum speed of 100mph and can operate in multiple with each other. Now that many sets are painted in the same SWT livery, the easiest way of identifying the two types is by the position of the doors, at the coach ends on the 444 and a quarter of the way in on the 450s.

The Class 350 25kV units in service with West Midlands Trains have the same bodyshell as the 450s, with the doors set in from the ends, and the first 30 units were originally ordered as 450s and are equipped for dual voltage operation.
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