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The electrified Koblenz - Mainz main line along the left/west bank of the Rhein was historically one of the main north-south passenger routes. It's still busy and sees more freights than in the past. Add some superb scenery and a few mediaeval towns and the photographic potential becomes obvious.
Until the opening of the Köln - Frankfurt NBS in 2002, almost all long-distance passenger traffic from Köln and the Rührgebeit to Frankfurt and southern Germany used the line along the left bank of the Rhein. The route was congested and slow, with little scope for realignment or the addition of additional tracks to segregate traffic.

The opening of the NBS allowed the diversion of many long distance services to a faster route but it was unsuitable for loco hauled trains or earlier generations of ICE and services using these types of rolling stock continue to use the old route along the Rhein. In addition to long distance traffic there are also regular semi-fast and stopping passenger trains. Freights, which were uncommon before the NBS opened, also use the line but most continue to run on the right bank.

The line is superbly scenic, following the Rhein Gorge for much of its length, with plenty of curves and tunnels, and passes through a number of mediaeval towns en-route.
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