23 - 27 October 2013

Report by Duncan Cotterill

The Main Report

This illustrated report covers a five day trip to the south-eastern corner of Bavaria from 23 to 27 October 2013.

This trip was originally conceived to cover the München – Mittenwald and München – Salzburg lines, both of which had been dropped from the September trip due to bad weather. Loco hauled regional services on both lines are threatened by the arrival of new EMUs when the timetable changes in December.

Then, a few days before departure, news broke of the weekend closure of the Traunstein – Freilassing section of the München – Salzburg line and the diversion of most services via other routes. While this meant fewer opportunities to photograph one of the lines I’d aimed to visit, the chance of photographing diverted diesel-hauled ECs on the scenic Mühldorf – Freilassing line was one not to be missed.

The main report is in pdf format. Click on the cover image (right) or the link below to view or download it.

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For detailed day by day observations including loco numbers, go to the Day by Day section. This remains a set of webpages as usual.
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