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TCDD used steam locos until 1990 with plenty of variety to be found well into the 1980s, everything from tiny tanks to massive 2-10-0s supplied by a plethora of European and American builders in the first half of the 20th Century. Most parts of the country had some steam working until fairly close to the end.


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updated : 2020-12-22
Turkey started to dieselise in the late 1950s but it was the 1970s before there was much change. The 418 locally built DE24 Class proved unreliable and it was only with the arrival of 86 DE22s built under licence from GM in the late 1980s that steam could finally be replaced. The powerful DE33s followed from 2004.
Turkey is a fascinating country with both European and Asian influences creating a unique culture. In steam days the varied locomotive roster was the result of numerous foreign influences but the current scene is dominated by a few classes of diesels and electrics as well as the inevitable multiple units.
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