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Z7300, Z7500, Z9500, Z9600, Z11500 Class

Z7300, Z7500, Z9500, Z9600, Z11500 Class
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updated : 2022-09-13
These EMUs are all versions of the Z2 2-car EMU introduced in 1980. The Z7300 and Z7500 are 1500V DC only, Z11500 are 25kV AC only and Z9500 and Z9600 are capable of running on both systems. Many units have now been withdrawn although over half the Z11500 are still in traffic.

B81500, B82500, X76500, Z26500 Class

B81500, B82500, X76500, Z26500 Class
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updated : 2022-09-13
These 4 classes are bi-mode, diesel and electric versions of Bombardier's AGC design of 3 or 4-car articulated multiple unit, introduced in 2004. The electric and bi-mode versions are sometimes known as ZGC and BGC respectively. SNCF operates over 700 of the units on regional passenger services.


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updated : 2020-12-17
TGVs are high speed electric multiple units, designed to run on purpose built high speed lines but also capable of running on the conventional network. All have 25kV AC/1500V DC capability and some have been equipped for 15kV AC in Germany and Switzerland or 3000V DC in Belgium and Italy.
Although France is Britain's nearest neighbour, French railways haven't featured on many of my trips. Infrequent trains, erratic timetables and the total foreignness of the place made visits hard work in a way that other European countries weren't. A great shame as many of the locos were superb.
These pictures were taken on visits to the superbly scenic but lightly trafficked main line along the Mediterranean coast, north of the Spanish border, on the trunk route through the Saverne Gap west of Strasbourg and on the long cross-country Paris - Belfort route, before DMUs took over long distance passenger traffic from the CC72100 diesels . All the photos were taken on trips since 2008.
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