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Loco hauled passengers are still relatively common in Austria with most long distance trains and a good number of regional services loco worked. The vast majority of trains are now operated with push-pull equipment and that includes most of the principal expresses, operating under the RailJet banner.
In the 1970s it was common to find local passenger trains on secondary lines formed of a string of ancient open-balconied 4-wheel coaches rattling along behind a pre-war boxcab electric loco. Sadly that's no longer the case, although the average passenger probably doesn't see it that way.

Today's local passenger is quite likely to be a DMU or EMU but there are plenty of lines where regional trains are still formed of loco and coaches, usually these days a relatively modern loco on comfortable bogie coaches with a driving trailer at one end to avoid the need to run round.

Most long distance services are now also push-pull formations, operating under the RailJet banner with Class 1116 or 1216 locos in a distinctive livery. On many services two RailJet sets run coupled together for part of the route with one loco in the middle of the formation. The traditional passenger train, formed of a loco hauling a set of coaches and running round at the end of the journey is now a rarity in Austria but overnight services and a few daytime trains do still operate without driving trailers.
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