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Production of the thyristor controlled class 1044 started in 1976 with 217 built by 1995. All but two were later equipped for push-pull operation and reclassified as class 1144. Most are still in service with ÖBB and can be seen all over the Austrian network on secondary passengers and freights.
The Class 1044 Bo-Bo electric was an Austrian development of the ASEA built Class 1043, itself virtually identical to the Swedish Rc2 Class. The 1044 was a considerable improvement over the Class 1042 that went before, with a maximum speed of 160km/h and an hourly rating of 5280kW. At the time of introduction the 1044 was the most powerful 4-axle locomotive in the world.

Unsurprisingly the 1044s soon took over the most prestigious duties from their predecessors, working most of the principal internal and international expresses and regularly reaching Frankfurt and München in Germany. They were also well suited to heavy freight work with a maximum tractive effort 25% higher than the 1042s.

From 2002 all but the two prototype locos were converted for push-pull use on regional passenger services although they continued to work freight and express trains in addition to their regional duties.

Despite a number of withdrawals in recent years, most of the class are still in traffic, working regional passengers, freight and a few expresses.
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