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The most common locomotives in Austria these days are Siemens Taurus Bo-Bo electrics of classes 1016, 1116 and 1216, able to operate on 15kV, 15/25kV and 15/25/3kV systems respectively. ÖBB has around 380 in total and other operators' locos can also be seen on Austrian rails.
With a power output of 6400kW/8600HP, a maximum speed of 230km/h or 140MPH and authorisation to run in many European countries, the Siemens ES64U, commonly known as the Taurus, is a very useful locomotive, equally at home on heavy freight or express passenger duties.

The design has its origins in the Siemens Eurosprinter prototype of 1992 (German Class 127) which also gave rise to the DB Class 152 and 189 freight locomotives. As well as being geared for 230km/h operation, the Taurus is designed to be much kinder to the track than the 152, employing a quill final drive incorporating the brakes to reduce the unsprung weight to the minimum possible. As would be expected of a modern design, the loco is fitted with 3-phase asynchronous traction motors driven by a variable frequency inverter. ÖBB was the first operator to buy the Taurus and obtained its first locos in 2000.

ÖBB uses its Taurus fleet on all manner of passenger trains, from 3-coach locals to the premier Railjet services, as well as many freights. They run into most neighbouring countries, regularly reaching Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Zürich, Praha and Budapest, amongst other places.

Stricty speaking the Taurus name only applies to ÖBB locos but several Austrian private operators also have ES64U fleets, as do the state railways of several neighbouring countries and a number of loco hire companies. Many of these locos regularly run in Austria, meaning a wide variety of liveries can be seen if you wait long enough. This gallery includes all ES64U photographed in Austria, irrespective of owner or specification.
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