Chinese Industrial Steam Videos

Videos of Chinese Industrial steam by Bryan Acford.

Nanpiao Race

A rare parallel passenger departure from Xiamiaozi. SY0973 with the 14:59 Sanjiazi train is caught up by SY1299 on the late running 14:56 to Linghai, February 2004.

Nanpiao Race video clip

Meet at Mine 2

A busy afternoon at Pingdingshan. JS8062 heads for Mine 4 with empties passing JS8120 rolling down the hill with loads from Mine 6, February 2004.

Meet at Mine 2 video clip

Chengzihe at Dawn

SY0237 departs Chengzihe Dongchang with loaded hoppers at 0622 on 27/2/06.

Chengzihe at Dawn video clip

Hengshan Bank

SY1369 & SY0746 storm the bank out of Hengshan with a train of empties on 28/2/06.

Hengshan Bank video clip