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About the Videos

This section was introduced as a trial to gauge the practicality of introducing a permanent movies section on the site. Unfortunately it’s proved to be very time consuming so this is as far as I’ve got.

The Chinese steam and videos that were here previously have now gone as they were very poor by modern standards so it wasn't worth relocating them when the server ceased to be available.

The remaining files are hosted on YouTube.

Chinese Diesels : October 2008

Five clips of Chinese diesels at work in the north-east during October 2008 including orange and green DF4Bs, a passenger DF4D and a pair of DF8s, all unsilenced.

These videos are hosted on YouTube and should be viewable by anyone with a reasonably up to date computer and web browser. Alternatively, you can visit the Railography page on YouTube where the videos can be viewed in higher quality by those with a fast broadband connection.

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