Head for The Hills

10 - 15 July 2013

Report by Duncan Cotterill

The Main Report

This illustrated report covers a six day trip to the Berner Oberland in central Switzerland in July 2013. The region is famous for its mountains and lakes and the report contains details of visits to a number of mountain railways, including the Wengernalpbahn, the Jungfraubahn and the Schynige Platte Bahn.

The Zentralbahn's 70 year old class 110s (strictly speaking motor luggage vans but locomotives in all but name) are covered, as they work out their last miles before withdrawal, and the BLS's iconic Re4/4 "Brownies" also feature.

As an experiment, the report has been produced as a magazine style PDF document with plenty of pictures. Click on the cover image (right) or the link below to view the report.

go to the main report

For detailed day by day observations including loco numbers, go to the Day by Day section. This remains a set of webpages as usual.
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