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Classes 320, 321 and 322 are closely related 25kV AC EMUs built by BREL's York Works around 1990. The 3-car Class 320s work for ScotRail around Glasgow. Some Class 321 4-car units still work for Greater Anglia but most have been withdrawn. A few 321s have been converted for light freight use.
The 4-car Class 321 EMU was first ordered for Great Eastern outer suburban services from London Liverpool St in 1988, specifically for use on the Cambridge and Southend lines. The first batch of 46 was followed by another of 20 units.

A further 48 went to the West Coast Main Line to operate outer suburban services from Euston. Most of these units later migrated to the Great Eastern, some of them spending a few years on Great Northern suburban services first.

The final batch of 3 units, bringing the class total to 117, was built for WYPTE services between Leeds and Doncaster but transferred to Greater Anglia in 2020.

A 3-car variant, the Class 320, was introduced on suburban services around Glasgow in 1990. In addition to the 22 units built as 320s, another 7 units were re-formed from Class 321s displaced from WCML services in 2015-16.

The 5 Class 322 units were originally built for Stansted Express services in 1990 but have led a nomadic existence for most of their lives, including extended periods in Scotland and West Yorkshire. They are now back with Greater Anglia.

All the Class 321 and 322 units are currently working Great Eastern services for the Greater Anglia franchise but are slated for early withdrawal, being replaced by the new class 720 units currently being delivered. A few have been earmarked for conversion to parcels units but the majority look to be destined for the scrapper and some have been cut up already.
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