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updated : 2022-07-02
Austria's Alpine scenery and eclectic variety of traction first attracted me to the country in the 1970s. There's less variety now but it's still an attractive country with a reasonable number of loco hauled passenger trains and heavy freight traffic on the major routes.


26 photos
updated : 2022-07-06
Denmark isn't an obvious destination for railway photography with little dramatic scenery and few loco hauled trains. However, it was worth visiting Jutland in July 2014 and July 2015, when freight traffic to Germany was diverted via Esbjerg and T√łnder with diesel haulage.


49 photos
updated : 2022-09-14
Although France is Britain's nearest neighbour, French railways haven't featured on many of my trips. Infrequent trains, erratic timetables and the total foreignness of the place made visits hard work in a way that other European countries weren't. A great shame as many of the locos were superb.


1292 photos
updated : 2022-12-06
Germany has one of the largest and busiest railway systems in Europe with most important routes electrified. There's plenty of freight traffic on the main routes and frequent passenger trains on most lines. Add some attractive scenery and a wide variety of liveries and you have an excellent place to photograph trains


54 photos
updated : 2022-08-24
Spain's railways certainly haven't lacked variety over the last 50 years, most of which is now history. Galleries here include the last steam worked narrow gauge line, an electric railway that still uses 90 year old motor coaches today and a diesel worked main line running through the arid hills of the south.


551 photos
updated : 2022-09-12
Switzerland is famed the world over for its beautiful alpine scenery and its excellent, punctual and well connected transport system. The railways are a real delight with a huge variety of gauges, railway companies, locomotives and liveries all running through the picturesque Swiss landscape.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom
2163 photos
updated : 2024-02-29
My home country where I've been photographing trains since the late 1970s. Only a small fraction of my British material is online at present but it covers a wide range of loco classes, train types and photo locations, from northern Scotland to the south coast of England and from Deltics to DMUs.
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