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DB or Deutsche Bahn, is Germany's state railway and operates passenger and freight trains across Germany. Many regional passenger services have been taken over by other operators and independents are also very active in the freight sector. However, DB is the biggest presence by far.
DB operates a massive and varied fleet of diesel and electric locos and multiple units. Electric traction predominates, with most major routes and many secondary or regional routes electrified. As with most railways, units are rapidly replacing loco hauled passengers.

Although DB has separate divisions operating long distance passengers, regional passengers and freights, each with their own fleets of locos and rolling stock, it can be difficult to tell which sector a loco belongs to just by looking at it. Apart from the recently acquired Class 147s, which are in a white InterCity livery, locos tend to carry the same verkehrsrot (traffic red) livery, branded only with the standard DB logo. Some freight locos still carry Railion or DB Schenker branding from former incarnations of DB Cargo but revert to plain DB when repainted.
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