UK : More New Photos

Another batch of 41 new photos, mostly taken around Oxford over the last couple of years but with a few from the Reading area as well, including some night shots.

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UK : New Photos Added

Forty new pictures have been added to the UK photo galleries, mostly covering visits to the Peak District, Midland Main Line and North Lincolnshire over the last couple of years. These include plenty of freights hauled by Class 66s in a variety of liveries but also quite a few Class 60s and a handful of older classes. For the DMU fans (are there any?) there are a few shots of Classes 150, 158, 185 and 222 as well.

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UK : More New Photos

An additional 44 pictures added to the UK photo galleries covering the line through the Thames Valley between Reading and Didcot. Most pictures are from 2014, before electrification work had ruined any good locations, but there are a handful from last century as well. It's very different now with poles and wires making any attempt at photography pointless.

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UK : New Photo Gallery

Just added a few photos from the Berks and Hants line, taken during 2016. The eastern section of the line, from Reading to Newbury, is currently being electrified, undoubtedly ruining all of the locations shown here. The line carries a mixture of long distance and local passenger trains as well as Britain's heaviest freights, stone trains grossing up to 4800 tonnes.

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UK : New Photo Gallery

A rare excursion to another part of the UK to photograph trains produced these pictures of Barnetby and the surrounding area, all taken on 10 September this year. With plenty of freight trains and some nice locations including Barnetby Station and Wrawby Junction, complete with semaphore signals, it was a very rewarding day out.

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UK : Photo Gallery Update

The UK photo galleries are the first to benefit from the new style galleries and a good number of new pictures have been added, some from the early 1980s around Yorkshire and others from 2003 in the Thames Valley.

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UK : New Photo Gallery

I gave up on photography in the UK in 2003, disillusioned by the virtual extinction of loco hauled passenger and mail trains and the replacement of interesting freight diesels by the ubiquitous class 66s. There was far more worthwhile stuff to photograph in Europe. Eleven years on, and with electrification looming, I went back to the Thames Valley to record the scene before the poles went up. This gallery contains a few images from 2003 and more from 2014 and 2015.

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Vintage UK Pictures - 1981

1981 was a seminal year. It was when I got serious about railway photography and started to take pictures that I'm happy with to this day. It was also a year of change for Britain's railways. Industrial steam was on its last legs in Scotland and I managed to get a few shots of NCB No.17 working at Bedlay Colliery before it closed at the end of the year. At the opposite end of the scale, the legendary Deltics were working out their last miles on the East Coast Main Line. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to photograph them earlier in the year, I found myself within striking distance of the ECML on several occasions in November then got posted to Selby for most of December. With few opportunities for daylight photography, most pictures were taken after dark with the aid of a tripod. Some of the original slides have unpleasant colour casts but the scanning software has done an excellent job of restoring the colours.

East Coast Diesels

Bedlay Colliery