Realtime Trains

Real time running data on every train on the UK's national rail system, passenger and freight. An invaluable resource for photographers and anyone who likes watching trains.


Railcolor covers modern European electric locomotives with plenty of technical information on various locomotive types and a detailed history for individual locomotives including renumbering, changes of ownership and many photos. Mainline Diesels is the equivalent site for diesel locomotives.

Mainline Diesels

Mainline Diesels covers modern European diesel locomotives with plenty of technical information on various locomotive types and a detailed history for individual locomotives including renumbering, changes of ownership and many photos. Railcolor is the equivalent site for electric locomotives.

Texas Railroad History

Some fascinating reading here on a diverse range of American railroad history, not just that of Texas. Thanks to Alexa for suggesting it.


Matthias Büttner's website features photographs from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and China, mainly steam but also endangered species of railcars, diesels and electrics. Well worth a look. The text is in German but it's not difficult to find your way around the site if you don't speak the language.


On Spoorwegnostalgie Dave Habraken features steam in China and elsewhere as well as vintage diesels in his native Belgium. Text is in Dutch but easy enough to find your way round.

Treni e Cartoline Sicilia

Treni e Cartoline Sicilia features railways in Sicily, one of the last haunts of Italy's veteran electric locomotives. Mostly in Italian but the introduction is in English, French and Spanish.

White Mask Snaps

John Hooson's photographs - mainly British diesels in the most scenic locations but some Chinese steam as well.


Bill Watson's site features pictures from the best locations in Scotland and the North of England.

SY Country

The most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of reports and news of steam operations in China.

JiTong Overview

Hans Schaefer's site contains a wealth of information about the JiTong Railway. Hans also offers an alternative view of China's steam locomotives - from the footplate. Lots of practical information, statistics etc. as well.

no longer available

Steam in China

The Steam in China Newsgroup is where you’ll find the latest news about steam operations in China.

Hong Kong Railway Society

The Hong Kong Railway Society website contains some interesting historical articles by Peter Crush (go to Member's Corner then Feature Articles) in addition to a wealth of other material on the railways of Hong Kong and the rest of China.


Bernd Seiler appears to spend most of his time in China these days, leading his FarRail Tours and searching out new lines. Bernd's informative illustrated reports can also be found on his site.

Stránky přátel železnic (SPŽ)

The excellent SPZ site is a good place too look for railfan information. Much of it is in Czech but there are now news pages in English and German as well. Much of the other content, such as depot allocations and photos can be understood without a detailed knowledge of Czech.

News and photos from Slovakia and the Czech Republic plus other useful information including loco diagrams. Slovak language.

News and photos from the Czech Republic. Czech language.

Czech Slovak Gen

A useful English language news group for the exchange of information on Czech and Slovak railways, particularly the current scene.

A German language site covering classes 215 - 218 and derivatives, i.e. the bulk of the current DB main line diesel fleet, with technical details, photos, diagrams etc. Registration is required to access some information.

Privat Bahn

Open access has really taken off in Germany and a myriad of private operators now run trains on the national system. This site helps identify who's who. German Language (Also see Railfaneurope under European Railways for similar info in English).

Trains of Turkey

Trains of Turkey covers all aspects of the Turkish rail scene including history, steam, current locos, rolling stock and operations, maps and much more.

Turk Rail

The Turk-Rail group provides news and discussion about Turkish Railways and compliments Trains of Turkey.

National Rail Enquiries

The National Rail Enquiries site contains timetable information and news of disruptions and service alterations on Britain's rail system.

European Railway Server

The European Railway Server has pictures, stock lists and livery details for Europe's railways. It's also good place to find information on and links other sites, railfan and official.

Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe

If you want information about travelling on European railways, particularly obscure workings and border crossings, try the Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe or EGTRE.

DB Hafas

For European timetable information , including the UK, the Deutsche Bahn / Hafas site does the business.

International Working Steam

Rob Dickinson's International Working Steam is an excellent source of up to date information on the world's last working steam locomotives.