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photo 19-D-1905
Caledonian Sleeper
229 Dundee - Aberdeen

A Welcome Delay

Despite frequent reports of delays to Caledonian Sleeper services, the northbound train usually seemed to be on time when it reached me, particularly when the sun was shining. Signalling problems in the Rugby area meant that 1A25 was 90 minutes late on the morning of 23 July 2019, allowing the shadows time to clear in the cutting at Limpet Mill, north of Stonehaven. 73.970 worked the 04:43 Edinburgh - Aberdeen on that date.
camera : Nikon D600
lens : 28-70mm f/2.8
focal length : 56 mm
shutter : 1/1000sec
aperture : f/8.0
ISO : 400
original : Digital 24 MP NEF
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