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image 21-D-0957
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image 21-D-0864
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image 21-D-0855
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image 21-D-0756
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image 21-D-0142
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image 21-D-0082
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image 19-D-3538
image 19-D-3522
image 19-D-3512
image 19-D-3500
image 19-D-3486
image 19-D-3481
image 19-D-3475
image 19-D-3469
image 19-D-3450
image 19-D-3442
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image 19-D-3431
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image 19-D-3378
image 19-D-3368
image 19-D-3347
image 19-D-3335
image 19-D-3331
image 19-D-3320
image 19-D-3314
image 19-D-3285
image 19-D-3279
image 19-D-3277
image 19-D-3270
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image 19-D-2806
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image 19-D-5875
image 19-D-3684
image 19-D-2014
image 19-D-1898
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image 19-D-1681
image 19-D-1602
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image 17-D-3040
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image 17-D-2187
image 17-D-2146
image 17-D-2098
image 17-D-2069
image 17-D-2033
image 17-D-1979
image 17-D-1935
image 17-D-1917
image 17-D-1887
image 17-D-1857
image 17-D-1245
image 17-D-0498
image 17-D-0489
image 17-D-0304
image 17-D-0274
image 17-D-0255
image 17-D-0243
image 17-D-0232
image 17-D-0200
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image 17-D-0173
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image 17-D-0158
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image 16-D-4182
image 16-D-4168
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image 16-D-4132
image 16-D-4123
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image 19-D-0473
image 19-D-0468
image 19-D-0347
image 19-D-0339
image 19-D-0324
image 19-D-0313
image 19-D-0294
image 19-D-0274
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image 17-D-3708
image 17-D-3690
image 17-D-3673
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image 19-D-0767
image 19-D-0698
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image 17-D-1394
image 16-D-5040
image 16-D-2386
image 17-D-1411
image 19-D-3025
image 19-D-3017
image 19-D-3008
image 19-D-2990
image 19-D-2984
image 19-D-2920
image 19-D-2916
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image 19-D-2738
image 19-D-2736
image 19-D-2723
image 19-D-0256
image 17-D-3659
image 03-D-0967
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image 18-D-0354
image 18-D-0352
image 18-D-0323
image 19-D-0639
image 19-D-2172
image 19-D-0630
image 19-D-0620
image 19-D-0610
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image 18-D-0507
image 18-D-0504
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image 18-D-0469
image 18-D-0454
image 18-D-0414
image 18-D-0383
image 18-D-0294
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image 18-D-0250
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image 18-D-0223
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image 17-D-3572
image 15-D-1609
image 14-D-3062
image 19-D-2680
image 19-D-2661
image 19-D-2643
image 19-D-2638
image 14-D-4200
image 14-D-4197
image 14-D-4005
image 14-D-3009
image 19-D-2033
image 17-D-1384
image 17-D-1380
image 16-D-5032
image 16-D-5030
image 19-D-3400
image 82-UK-0314
image 19-D-3613
image 19-D-3571
image 19-D-3117
image 19-D-2887
image 19-D-2866
image 19-D-2561
image 19-D-2552
image 19-D-2549
image 19-D-2408
image 19-D-2063
image 19-D-1513
image 19-D-0453
image 19-D-0385
image 17-D-4767
image 17-D-3723
image 17-D-3593
image 17-D-0479
image 17-D-0129
image 16-D-0960
image 16-D-0337
image 16-D-0309
image 16-D-0187
image 16-D-0057
image 15-D-2568
image 15-D-2539
image 15-D-1080
image 15-D-0051
image 03-D-1379
image 19-D-0539
image 16-D-4288
image 17-D-0119
image 16-D-4782
image 16-D-4665
image 16-D-4598
image 16-D-4580
image 16-D-2687
image 16-D-4275
image 17-D-3496
image 17-D-3607
image 17-D-3547
image 17-D-3528
image 17-D-3475
image 16-D-4734
image 16-D-4709
image 16-D-4695
image 17-D-4203
image 17-D-4195
image 17-D-3736
image 16-D-0296
image 16-D-0287
image 16-D-0270
image 16-D-0264
image 16-D-0252
image 16-D-0238
image 16-D-0232
image 16-D-0214
image 16-D-0202
image 15-D-0123
image 14-D-2926
image 17-D-3713
image 16-D-4353
image 17-D-1797
image 17-D-1789
image 17-D-1777
image 17-D-1763
image 17-D-1749
image 17-D-1741
image 17-D-1739
image 17-D-1703
image 16-D-3546
image 16-D-3527
image 16-D-3518
image 16-D-3513
image 16-D-3505
image 16-D-3498
image 16-D-3490
image 17-D-0455
image 17-D-0443
image 17-D-0435
image 17-D-0422
image 17-D-0411
image 17-D-0400
image 17-D-0384
image 17-D-0339
image 16-D-4913
image 16-D-4890
image 16-D-4887
image 16-D-4880
image 16-D-4876
image 16-D-4815
image 16-D-2704
image 16-D-2292
image 16-D-0468
image 16-D-0463
image 16-D-0194
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image 14-D-2589
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image 16-D-4751
image 15-D-0027
image 14-D-4234
image 14-D-4155
image 14-D-2934
image 14-D-2848
image 14-D-4205
image 14-D-4241
image 14-D-4210
image 14-D-4030
image 14-D-4011
image 14-D-3061
image 14-D-3056
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image 14-D-2946
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image 16-D-0481
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image 16-D-0347
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image 15-D-2497
image 15-D-2489
image 15-D-2482
image 15-D-2481
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image 15-D-2466
image 15-D-2463
image 15-D-2457
image 15-D-2449
image 15-D-2442
image 15-D-2435
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image 15-D-0071
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image 03-D-1383
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image 03-D-0854
image 03-D-0841
image 03-D-0837
image 03-D-0835
image 03-D-0829
image 03-D-0826
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image 03-D-0691
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image 03-D-0681
image 81-UK-0172
image 81-UK-0173
image 81-UK-0144
image 14-D-2778
Freight traffic declined steadily through the BR years despite numerous initiatives to stem the tide. There was an upturn post-privatisation but the decline in coal-fired power generation hit the sector hard. Fortunately other markets such as intermodal and aggregates are helping to fill the gap.
page : 1005
WK000 : 2022-07-23
CS000 : 2022-07-09
CK000 : 2022-07-27
GS000 : 2022-07-25
GK000 : 2022-07-22


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