Classic Traction
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image 81-UK-0605
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image 82-UK-0207
image 82-UK-0209
image 82-UK-0283
image 03-D-1382
image 00-112-07
image 00-112-06
image 81-UK-0031
image 84-AA-02
image 03-D-0357
image 16-D-4344
image 17-D-3775
image 82-UK-0314
image 88-053-05
image 81-UK-0198
image 82-UK-0014
image 82-UK-0015
image 82-UK-0026
image 82-UK-0031
image 19-D-2690
image 19-D-2944
image 19-D-2945
image 19-D-2947
image 19-D-2949
image 19-D-2952
image 19-D-2957
image 19-D-2963
image 19-D-2966
image 19-D-2967
image 19-D-2971
image 19-D-2661
image 15-D-0604
image 15-D-0607
image 17-D-3031
image 18-D-0924
image 18-D-0932
image 19-D-2179
image 03-D-0935
image 03-D-0936
image 03-D-0938
image 03-D-0944
image 03-D-0948
image 03-D-0949
image 03-D-0950
image 03-D-0951
image 03-D-0962
image 03-D-0966
image 03-D-0968
image 03-D-0969
image 16-D-4376
image 19-D-2920
image 18-D-1038
image 18-D-1148
image 19-D-0735
image 19-D-0830
image 16-D-4897
image 17-D-3690
image 19-D-0307
image 19-D-0308
image 81-UK-0015
image 81-UK-0013
image 82-UK-0073
image 82-UK-0080
image 82-UK-0087
image 16-D-4073
image 19-D-0948
image 19-D-1637
image 19-D-1709
image 19-D-1905
image 19-D-0085
image 19-D-0489
image 88-067-12
image 88-067-15
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image 90-056-13
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image 90-057-04
image 90-096-08
image 21-D-0756
This gallery contains pictures of British Rail's diesel and electric loco classes introduced before 1980, including later rebuilds such as the Class 57s and 69s. These were the locos I grew up with, travelled behind and collected the numbers of as a teenager and cut my teeth on as a photographer.
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WK000 : 2022-07-23
CS000 : 2022-07-09
CK000 : 2022-07-27
GS000 : 2022-07-25
GK000 : 2022-07-22


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