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The 30 3200hp Class 67 Bo-Bo diesel-electrics were built by Alstom from 1999 for mail trains operated by EWS and had the same GM engine and generator as the class 66. After the mail contract was lost in 2003, they have been used for many different types of traffic with several in store and a couple sold.
EWS hoped that the introduction of the 125mph capable Class 67, together with other modernisations, such as the use of driving trailers to minimise time consuming run rounds, would keep the Royal Mail traffic on the railways but the contract was cancelled in 2003.

Since then the class has been under-utilised with many locos spending long periods in store. Some have been used in passenger services, including the Caledonian Sleeper north of Edinburgh and the open access Wrexham and Shropshire trains from Marylebone. They are currently used on a few Transport for Wales services between North Wales and Cardiff. Other members of the class find employment working special trains and a pair are dedicated to royal train duties.

All 30 class 67s went to DB when it took over EWS in 2007 but two were later sold to Colas in 2017, which used them on Network Rail test trains, and have since been sold on to GBRf.
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