Line 140 Nove Zamky - Prievidza

The Nove Zamky - Prievidza line is a long single-track secondary line that runs through a number of medium sized towns and is served by a mixture of loco hauled passengers and railbuses. For most of its length, the line runs through nondescript, flat, farming country but north of Partizanske it gets close to the hills for the last few km, through Novaky to Prievidza.

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Line 160 (W) Zvolen - Jesenske

The Zvolen - Kosice line is a long, diesel worked, secondary route that runs from east to west across southern Slovakia. The westernmost section from Zvolen to Lucenec and Filakovo has a regular local passenger service with many trains loco hauled by class 750 or 754 diesels. East of Filakovo, there's only the occasional railbus. There are also a few class 754 hauled fast passengers and a number of freights, many of which were worked by classes 770 and 771 but are now more likely to be hauled by rebuilds of classes 736 and 746. This gallery features pictures from 2003 and 2011.

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Line 160 (E) Jesenske - Kosice

The east end of the Zvolen - Kosice main line has a sparse passenger service consisting of a few fast trains hauled by class 754 diesels and even fewer locals worked by 4-wheel railbuses. However, freight traffic is heavy for a diesel worked route and most of the freights are worked by class 751 diesels, often in pairs. The line runs through the attractive Karst landscape of the Slovensky Kras, an area of high rounded hills and broad valleys.

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Line 170 Zvolen - Vrutky

The route from Vrutky to Zvolen via Banska Bystrica is central Slovakia’s most important north - south link and carries significant volumes of freight and passenger traffic. The south end of the line is electrified but most trains are still diesel hauled. The most interesting section is north of Banska Bystrica where the line climbs through the mountains to a tunnel under the Maly Sturec Pass, giving access to broad Turiec Valley that runs north to Vrutky.

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Lines 172-173 Banska Bystrica - Margecany

The long secondary route from Banska Bystrica to Margecany is one of Slovakia’s most scenic lines, running from east to west through the mountainous heart of the country. The west end of the line has experienced a revival of loco hauled passengers in recent years but the main attractions are the daily fast trains, R811 from Bratislava to Kosice and R810 back, that run the whole length of the line. Freight traffic is minimal and limited to pick-up workings.

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Line 180 Zilina - Kosice

Slovakia’s principal west - east main line climbs to a summit 900m above sea level at Strba, in the shadow of the High Tatra mountains. The line is double track and electrified, with heavy passenger and freight traffic by Slovakian standards. Many different types of electric loco can be seen, including class 131 twins and older class 183s on freights and classes 150, 162, 163, 350, 362 and 363 on passengers.

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Line 190 Kosice - Cierna nad Tisou and the SRT

Two electrified lines run in parallel towards the Ukrainian border east of Kosice. The double track line to Cierna nad Tisou carries passenger and freight traffic while the broad gauge SRT is freight only and runs to a second border crossing at Matovce, north of Cierna. The Cierna line is worked by a wide variety of electric motive power while the SRT is the exclusive domain of the class 125.8 twin unit electrics.

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Line 191 Banovce - Humenne

The line from Banovce nad Ondavou north to Humenne is one of the least photogenic in Slovakia but has one of the country’s most intense diesel loco hauled passenger services. Class 754s work most local services on the line as well as a couple of fast trains, including overnights to Bratislava and Praha. A class 721 was photographed on a passenger train in 2003 but unfortunately this doesn’t happen very often. Freight traffic is minimal.

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Line 193 Presov - Strazske

This rural secondary line forms the main part of the secondary route from Presov to Humenne and had a good loco hauled passenger service in 2003. Despite an influx of 4-wheel railbuses, there were still a few loco hauled trains in 2011. The line runs through attractive countryside with a summit in tunnel east of Lipniky and some impressive viaducts west of Hanusovce nad Toplou.

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Line 194 Presov - Bardejov

The Presov - Bardejov line was one of the last Slovak lines to be worked by class 830 railcars but a number of loco hauled services, worked by the elusive class 752 diesels, were also seen during a 2003 visit. The line is a delightful rural backwater, running through attractive countryside, dotted with farms and small villages.

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