940 RhB Reichenau-Tamins - Bever (Albula)

The Albula route is the Rhätischebahn’s principal main line and links Chur with St Moritz via Reichenau-Tamins, Thusis, Filisur and Samedan. Trains climb to a summit 1823m above sea level in the 5.8km Albula Tunnel that gives access to the Oberengadin. The route includes the famous Landwasser viaduct and a series of spirals above Bergün. Needless to say, it's a spectacularly scenic railway.

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920 RhB Reichenau-Tamins - Disentis (Surselva)

This line leaves the Albula route at Reichenau-Tamins and follows the Vorderrhein valley west to Disentis/Muster where it makes an end on connection with the former Furka-Oberalp (now MGB) meter gauge line to Andermatt and Brig. Traffic is fairly heavy with Glacier Express and freight trains in addition to the regular passenger services. Attractive class Ge4/4II locos work most trains.

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960 RhB Scuol-Tarasp - Pontresina / St. Moritz (Engadin)

This line serves the Engadin or the valley of the river En, known as the Inn when it reaches Austria. The Upper Engadin is a beautiful, broad, green alpine valley surrounded by high peaks. Understandably, it's very popular with tourists and the resorts of St Moritz, Samedan and Pontresina provide plenty of business for the RhB. The railway continues to Scuol-Tarasp deep in the Lower Engadin, a remote area made much more accessible by the opening of the Vereina Tunnel in 1999.

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910 RhB Landquart - Davos (Prättigau)

The Landquart - Davos line runs through the Prättigau, as the valley of the Landquart River is known. It connects the resorts of Klosters and Davos to the SBB at Landquart and now serves a through route to the Unterengadin via the Vereina Tunnel, opened in 1999. The line isn’t as spectacular as the Albula route but does have some very pleasant locations and sees a good variety of traction on passenger services.

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