600 SBB Luzern - Chiasso (Gotthard)

The Gotthard combines the superb scenery of the Swiss Alps with heavy passenger and freight traffic, making it a prime target for photography. The climb from Erstfeld to Göschenen is particularly photogenic and involves a climb of over 600m vertically. On this section, the line has to negotiate several spirals and horseshoe curves, cross viaducts and bore through numerous tunnels and avalanche shelters. In addition to the standard SBB classes, the Gotthard also sees locos from other operators, principally BLS, Crossrail and DB, adding considerable variety.

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410 SBB Olten - Biel (Jurafuss N)

This is the northern end of the Jurafuss route, linking Basel and Zürich in the north with Lausanne and Genève in the south, running parallel to, and south east of, the Jura mountains. The Biel - Konstanz IR service is mostly loco worked but local passengers are all units. Freight traffic is reasonably heavy with oil tanks and postal traffic predominating. A few freights were still worked by class Ae6/6 locos in late 2012.

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100 SBB Lausanne - Brig (Rhone Valley)

From Lausanne this scenic line follows the north shore of Lake Geneva to Villeneuve then continues along the Rhone Valley to Brig, at the north portal of the Simplon Tunnel in the heart of the Alps. The line carries both domestic and international traffic, including a half-hourly loco-hauled passenger service and a fair amount of freight.

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