320 BLS Spiez - Zweisimmen (Simmentalbahn)

This scenic single track electrified line runs along Simmental for 35km from Spiez, on the Lötschberg main line) to Zweisimmen, where it connects with the Montreux - Oberland Bernois (MOB) metre gauge system. Until the end of 2013 there were a number of loco hauled passenger services as well as the inevitable EMUs.

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310 BLS Spiez - Interlaken

The Spiez - Interlaken line is less than 20km long and is unphotographable for much of its length. However, one of the few good shots on the line is the classic position at Faulensee, overlooking the Thunersee.

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300 BLS Bern - Brig (Lötschberg Main Line)

The Lötschberg main line is a busy freight and passenger route across the Swiss Alps. As well as being a major trunk route, it’s a scenic delight and a real engineering marvel. These pictures were taken in the last weeks before the opening of the base tunnel that bypasses the most scenic sections of the line.

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