320 BLS Spiez - Zweisimmen (Simmentalbahn)

This scenic single track electrified line runs along Simmental for 35km from Spiez, on the Lötschberg main line) to Zweisimmen, where it connects with the Montreux - Oberland Bernois (MOB) metre gauge system. Until the end of 2013 there were a number of loco hauled passenger services as well as the inevitable EMUs.

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310 BLS Spiez - Interlaken

The Spiez - Interlaken line is less than 20km long and is unphotographable for much of its length. However, one of the few good shots on the line is the classic position at Faulensee, overlooking the Thunersee.

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300 BLS Bern - Brig (Lötschberg Main Line)

The Lötschberg main line is a busy freight and passenger route across the Swiss Alps. As well as being a major trunk route, it’s a scenic delight and a real engineering marvel. These pictures were taken in the last weeks before the opening of the base tunnel that bypasses the most scenic sections of the line.

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470 ZB Interlaken - Luzern (Brünig)

The Brünigbahn runs east from Interlaken along the Brienzersee and the Aare Valley to Meiringen. After reversing at Meiringen, the line climbs over the Brünig Pass before descending the valley of the Sarner Aa to Luzern. There are rack sections either side of the summit at Brünig-Halsiberg but most of the line is adhesion worked. In late 2012 the 70 year old class 110s were working out their last miles between Interlaken and Meiringen.

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510 SBB Olten - Luzern

The Olten - Luzern line is a busy passenger route linking Basel, Bern and western Switzerland with Luzern and the Gotthard route to Italy. It's not the most exciting line scenically but there is some pleasant open countryside, particularly between Nebikon and Sursee. In addition to the passenger trains, the line sees some local freight traffic and still had a few Ae6/6 workings in late 2012.

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600 SBB Luzern - Chiasso (Gotthard)

The Gotthard combines the superb scenery of the Swiss Alps with heavy passenger and freight traffic, making it a prime target for photography. The climb from Erstfeld to Göschenen is particularly photogenic and involves a climb of over 600m vertically. On this section, the line has to negotiate several spirals and horseshoe curves, cross viaducts and bore through numerous tunnels and avalanche shelters. In addition to the standard SBB classes, the Gotthard also sees locos from other operators, principally BLS, Crossrail and DB, adding considerable variety.

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210 SBB Lausanne - Biel (Jurafuss S)

The Lausanne - Biel/Bienne line is the southern part of the route linking Basel and Zürich in the north with Lausanne and Genève in the south, running parallel to, and south east of, the Jura mountains. Scenery is pleasant rather than spectacular but there are a number of good locations, particularly south of Yverdon-les-Bains. Passenger traffic is almost entirely worked by units south of Biel but there's a healthy level of freight traffic and a number of trains were regularly hauled by Ae6/6s in late 2012.

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410 SBB Olten - Biel (Jurafuss N)

This is the northern end of the Jurafuss route, linking Basel and Zürich in the north with Lausanne and Genève in the south, running parallel to, and south east of, the Jura mountains. The Biel - Konstanz IR service is mostly loco worked but local passengers are all units. Freight traffic is reasonably heavy with oil tanks and postal traffic predominating. A few freights were still worked by class Ae6/6 locos in late 2012.

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100 SBB Lausanne - Brig (Rhone Valley)

From Lausanne this scenic line follows the north shore of Lake Geneva to Villeneuve then continues along the Rhone Valley to Brig, at the north portal of the Simplon Tunnel in the heart of the Alps. The line carries both domestic and international traffic, including a half-hourly loco-hauled passenger service and a fair amount of freight.

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142-143 MGB Brig - Andermatt - Disentis (Furka Oberalp)

The Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn was formed by the merger of the Brig Visp Zermatt and Furka Oberalp railways in 2003 and runs from Zermatt to meet the RhB at Disentis. The route goes via Visp, Brig, the Furka base tunnel and the Oberalp Pass (No prizes for guessing where its predecessors got their names). The photos here were taken around Andermatt and Disentis from 2009 onwards.

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940 RhB Reichenau-Tamins - Bever (Albula)

The Albula route is the Rhätischebahn’s principal main line and links Chur with St Moritz via Reichenau-Tamins, Thusis, Filisur and Samedan. Trains climb to a summit 1823m above sea level in the 5.8km Albula Tunnel that gives access to the Oberengadin. The route includes the famous Landwasser viaduct and a series of spirals above Bergün. Needless to say, it's a spectacularly scenic railway.

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920 RhB Reichenau-Tamins - Disentis (Surselva)

This line leaves the Albula route at Reichenau-Tamins and follows the Vorderrhein valley west to Disentis/Muster where it makes an end on connection with the former Furka-Oberalp (now MGB) meter gauge line to Andermatt and Brig. Traffic is fairly heavy with Glacier Express and freight trains in addition to the regular passenger services. Attractive class Ge4/4II locos work most trains.

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960 RhB Scuol-Tarasp - Pontresina / St. Moritz (Engadin)

This line serves the Engadin or the valley of the river En, known as the Inn when it reaches Austria. The Upper Engadin is a beautiful, broad, green alpine valley surrounded by high peaks. Understandably, it's very popular with tourists and the resorts of St Moritz, Samedan and Pontresina provide plenty of business for the RhB. The railway continues to Scuol-Tarasp deep in the Lower Engadin, a remote area made much more accessible by the opening of the Vereina Tunnel in 1999.

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910 RhB Landquart - Davos (Prättigau)

The Landquart - Davos line runs through the Prättigau, as the valley of the Landquart River is known. It connects the resorts of Klosters and Davos to the SBB at Landquart and now serves a through route to the Unterengadin via the Vereina Tunnel, opened in 1999. The line isn’t as spectacular as the Albula route but does have some very pleasant locations and sees a good variety of traction on passenger services.

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915 RhB Filisur - Davos (Landwasser)

This is one of the quieter lines on the RhB system but is certainly not devoid of interest. From Filisur it follows the Landwasser river east through deeply incised gorges until the valley widens on the approach to Davos. For years, most services on the line were worked by the RhB's oldest locos, the Ge4/4Is dating from 1947, but in December 2008 the service was integrated with the Landquart - Davos service, bringing locos of classes Ge4/4ii and Ge4/4iii to the line.

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950 RhB St.Moritz - Tirano (Berninabahn)

The Berninabahn links St. Moritz with Tirano, just across the border in Italy. Despite being an RhB line, it has a character of its own and retains the original 1000V DC power supply. The line is adhesion only and climbs on gradients as steep as 1 in 14 to a summit 2253m above sea level, the highest crossing of the Alps by a conventional railway. It remains open throughout the winter, when the snow can be above roof height at the top.

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