940 RhB Reichenau-T - Bever

Double Header

The morning freight from Landquart to Samedan was usually booked for a Ge6/6II but I didn't complain on 20 December 2007 when it turned up behind Ge4/4Is 604 and 608.

The train was running about an hour early and I was in the wrong place, near the back of the train in this shot and set up for a freight that was due to come in the opposite direction. It was pure luck that I noticed the signal guarding the approach to Bever wasn't red anymore and realised that a rapid change of position was required. It soon became apparent that running through deep snow was hard work. Fortunately, there was just enough time to get to a decent spot, totally exhausted and barely able to hold the camera steady.
Camera : NIKON D2X . . . Focal Len : 35.0 mm (52 mm eq.) . . . Shutter : 1/640sec . . . Aperture : f/8.0 . . . ISO : 200 . . . Original : Digital 12MP NEF