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photo 16-D-1931
930 Landshut - Regensburg

ALEX Electric

German Class 183 is the multi-voltage, as opposed to dual-voltage, version of the Siemens EuroSprinter design, equipped for operation from 3000V DC as well as 15kV and 25kV AC systems, and is the equivalent of Austria’s class 1216. It’s all a bit academic for the five ALEX class 183s, shuttling between München and Regensburg and never working under anything but 15kV AC.

183.005 passed Iffelkofen, between Ergoldsbach and Neufahrn, with ALX357, the 17:02 from München Hbf to Praha hln, on Sunday 8 May 2016. The electric and probably the first four coaches would only go as far as Regensburg, where a Class 223 would take over.
camera : Nikon D610
lens : 70-200mm f/2.8
focal length : 120 mm
shutter : 1/1000sec
aperture : f/10.0
ISO : 400
original : Digital 24 MP NEF
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