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photo 17-D-1216
Class 187
126 Bremen Area

Nice When It’s Finished

Railpool’s 187.307 led a train of oil tanks through Bremen Hbf on Friday 24 February, overtaking IC 1933, the 12:30 from Oldenburg to Leipzig Hbf, propelled by 101.107.

Bombardier have improved the look of their standard electric loco cabs with the latest Traxx 3 design but the sides of the loco have an unfinished look, as if there should be a side panel but it’s fallen off! It could be a safety feature as the increased air resistance will aid emergency braking or it might be a way of curbing air pollution as particulates are more likely to be trapped by the corrugations than on a smooth sided loco.
camera : Nikon D600
lens : 28-70mm f/2.8
focal length : 56 mm
shutter : 1/1000sec
aperture : f/10.0
ISO : 400
original : Digital 24 MP NEF
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