Line 855 Regensburg - Marktredwitz

A quiet double track unelectrified line running through the attractive countryside of north-eastern Bayern but still seeing some loco hauled passengers and a few freights. These photos were taken on two visits in 2013.

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Line 970 München - Kempten

This is the northern section of the Allgäubahn, the traditional main line linking München with Lindau on the Bodensee. The line runs through relatively flat farming country to Kaufbeuren but then climbs through rolling hills to Günzach before dropping to Kempten. Many passengers are DMUs but there are a number of regular loco hauled trains with DB class 218 and ALEX class 223 diesels. The line is also used as a diversionary route for freights and EuroCity trains.

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Line 690 Koblenz - Trier

The electrified double-track main line through the Mosel Valley is busy, scenic and relatively easy to reach from the UK. It’s also home to the increasingly rare class 181 electrics and sees a good variety of locos from DB and other operators on passenger and freight. More photos from a July 2011 trip have now been added to the gallery.

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Line 940-947 Mühldorf Area

Mühldorf lies at the centre of a network of diesel worked lines east of München. The line from München sees a good proportion of loco hauled workings, mainly on double deck push-pull sets but most passenger services on the other lines are worked by DMUs. The real attraction is the heavy freight traffic to and from the chemical works in the area.

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Line 544 Reichenbach - Hof

This double track, diesel-worked, main line line is one of the oldest in Germany, dating from the 1840s. It runs through the attractive Vogtland landscape, winding around the rolling hills and crossing a couple of spectacular viaducts over the Göltzsch and Elster valleys. Most passenger trains are worked by DMUs but there were a few loco hauled passengers and a handful of freights when I visited the area in October 2010.

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