Line 970 Immenstadt - Oberstdorf

The branch from Immenstadt to Oberstdorf carries fairly heavy passenger traffic for a single track route. As well as regular trains from München, Augsburg and Ulm, the line hosts a couple of InterCity workings and a few locals as well. Although many trains are worked by DMUs, there are a good number of loco hauled workings as well. This galleries features photos of classes 218, 223/253 and ex-ÖBB class 2143.

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Line 970 Kempten - Immenstadt

The Kempten - Immenstadt line is part of the Allgäubahn, the scenic, double-track, diesel-worked main line from München to Lindau. The The Kempten - Immenstadt section carries regional passenger trains from München, Augsburg and Ulm to Lindau and Oberstdorf, some of them loco hauled as well as a couple of InterCity services and a pair of EuroCity trains from München to Zürich.

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