Flying Solo

July Morning

Tilting Triebwagen

Round The Bend

Train In The Landscape

Regio 218

EuroCity Diversion

Three Tilters

Passing Zell

Long Train

Evening Light

Misty Morning

Diverted Freight

Daily Duo

KM 103.6

ALEX Expansion

And Then There Were Three

Tall Trees

Another Chance

Dandelion Time

Late Running


Spring Flowers

Heimhofen Snake

Bird's Eye View

Short And Sweet

Freshly Repainted

Maria Thann

West Of Opfenbach

Eastbound Car-Carriers

A House By The Tracks

Ludmillas At Ellhofen

Regio Rarity

High Above Harbatshofen

Return To Ellhofen

EuroCity At Ellhofen

Westbound ALEX

Around The S Bends

ALEX At Zell

ALEX Goes West

More 612s

Deep In The Valley

Stiefenhofen Viewpoint


Last Light

Into The Valley

Bucking The Trend

Smokin' Rabbits

Grazing Horses

Dodging The Clouds


Harbatshofen Forever


Sunny Break

Shiny Red Rabbits

Much Delayed

A New Location

Out Of The Woods

Classic Curve

Light and Shade

Five Go West

Evening Light

On The Bridge

Undoubtedly ALEX

Weekend Wabbit

Saturday Special

ALEX In The Landscape

ALEX at Heimhofen

Going East

Pacific Power

Bringing Up The Rear


ALEX On The S Curve

Empty Stock

ALEX At Ellhofen

Inside Curve


Shove Set

View From Buflings Bridge

EuroCity At Zell

The Bike Train

Passing Shot

A Veil Of Cloud

ALEX At Weissenbachmühle

Harbatshofen High Shot

Eastbound ALEX

Passing Oberthalhofen

Passing Unterthalhofen

Rural Idyll

Fading Light

Marching Shadows

Harbatshofen Station

EC at Oberthalhofen

Modified Livery

Upper Reaches

Evening ALEX

Rabbits and Tractor

Sunday Morning

Hot Weather

Westbound Bikes

High Sun