Line 740 Stuttgart - Singen (Gäubahn)

Faded Glory

113.267 was in need of a repaint but there didn't seem to be much else wrong with the 50 year old loco, one of the first batch of E10.12 built in the early '60s to haul West Germany's crack expresses. Class E10.12 differed from the standard class E10 by being geared for a maximum speed of 160km/h and later became class 112 when computerised numbers were introduced. Following German reunification the designation changed to class 113 when the former DR class 212s were renumbered as class 112s.

The old electric was back where it belonged, working international expresses, when it sped through Rottweil-Neufra with IC186, the 13:05 from Zürich HB to Stuttgart Hbf, on 22 September 2013.
Camera : NIKON D600 . . . Focal Len : 102.0 mm . . . Shutter : 1/1000sec . . . Aperture : f/11.0 . . . ISO : 400 . . . Original : Digital 24MP NEF