Line 171-2 Paris - Belfort

The Paris - Belfort line is one of the few places in Europe where you can still see big diesels on fast passenger trains but you have to be patient as there are very long gaps between workings. The scenery is very pleasant with numerous good photo positions, especially between Troyes and Chalindrey, where these pictures were taken.

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Line 103 Strasbourg - Sarrebourg

The Strasbourg - Sarrebourg line crosses the Vosges via the Saverne Gap, the narrow twisting valley of the River Zorn that provides a relatively easy route through the mountains for the railway and the parallel Rhine - Marne Canal. Passenger services are operated by TGVs, loco hauled passengers, push-pull sets and EMUs and there are freights hauled by a variety of locomotive types.

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Line 545 Narbonne - Cerbere

As it approaches the Spanish border, the Montpellier to Barcelona line runs along the Cote Vermielle (or Vermillion Coast), squeezed between the Pyrenees to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. There are numerous excellent photo positions and a reasonable number of trains to photograph, hauled by several different classes of electric locomotive. The gallery has now been updated with photos from a May 2011 trip.

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