Line 240 Brno - Jihlava

A superb cross country route that winds it's way across the grain of the landscape west of Brno. The line follows a sawtooth profile with plenty of curves and gradients and several major bridges, all set in the attractive rural Moravian landscape. Brno based class 754s worked many of the passengers. The remaining locals were shared between class 742 locos and veteran class 850 railcars until class 854 units has diluted things a bit. There is a little freight traffic, particularly at the west end of the line.

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Line 340 Brno - Uherske Hradiste

With the electrification of the Karlovy Vary to Chomutov line, this line became the last double track, diesel worked route in the Czech Republic. Much of the line runs through a relatively flat landscape but the section from Brankovice to Kyjov runs through attractive hilly country. The passenger service is shared between class 754 diesels and class 842 railcars with the units having taken over more services in recent years. The fleet of class 754s is the most colourful in the country and most engines are kept very clean. Freight traffic is virtually non-existent.

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