Line 037 Liberec - Cernousy

The Liberec - Cernousy line is a good place to photograph diesel hauled freight trains. Liberec depot had the last concentration of operational class 753 diesels in the Czech Republic and they were kept busy hauling freight on the route from Nymburk via Mlada Boleslav, Turnov and Liberec to Zawidow in Poland for almost a decade after the class disappeared elsewhere. The 753s increasingly gave way to pairs of 742s but class 753.7 rebuilds took over most workings in 2010. The line climbs through an attractive hilly landscape before dropping through the forests to the picturesque Smeda valley.

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Line 341 Stare Mesto - Vlarsky Prusmyk

This line runs east from Stare Mesto u Uherskeho Hradiste, on the Breclav - Prerov main line, through Uhersky Brod, where a branch to the spa town of Luhacovice diverges, to the Slovak border at Vlarsky prusmyk. Traffic levels thin out progressively further east, with only a handful of trains reaching Vlarsky prusmyk each day. Class 754 hauled fast trains run from Luhacovice to Stare Mesto, en route to Olomouc or Praha, and there are a few peak services from Brno to Bojkovice and Bylnice.

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Line 030 Liberec - Turnov - Jaromer

This long cross country route runs through some excellent scenery but interesting workings are few and far between these days. Until the end of 2005 there was a daily loco hauled passenger in each direction and regular class 753 hauled freights on the section west of Turnov. The 753s are still around although nothing like as active but loco hauled passengers are now limited to railcar substitutions and the weekends only Praha - Tanvald trains.

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Line 323 Ostrava - Valasske Mez.

The Ostrava end of the Valasske Mezirici line probably sees more diesel hauled trains than any other route in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately the best scenery is at the other end of the line. The section between Frydlant nad Ostravici and Frenstat pod Radhostem has a reasonable level of loco haulage and a number of excellent photo positions and was where I went to photograph class 754s in April 2008.

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Line 250 Brno Area

Brno is the second city of the Czech Republic, the historic capital of the Morava region and a major rail centre. Double track main lines, electrified at 25 kV AC, head north to Ceska Trebova, north-west to Kolin and south to Breclav, Wien and Bratislava. A single track electrified line heads north-east to Olomouc and Prerov. Diesel worked lines head west to Jihlava and east to Veseli nad Moravou and see a good number of services hauled by Brno's colourful class 754s.

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