Line 194 Ceske Budejovice - Nove Udoli

The Ceske Budejovice to Nove Udoli line runs through some of the most attractive scenery in the Czech Republic as it winds its way through the Sumava (or Bohemian Forest), an upland area with hills, forests, rivers and lakes and a favourite with tourists from all over Europe. In summer a number of passenger services were operated by class 749 diesels until the class 754s took over in 2012. Class 751s still appeared on local freight traffic into 2012.

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Line 240 Brno - Jihlava

A superb cross country route that winds it's way across the grain of the landscape west of Brno. The line follows a sawtooth profile with plenty of curves and gradients and several major bridges, all set in the attractive rural Moravian landscape. Brno based class 754s worked many of the passengers. The remaining locals were shared between class 742 locos and veteran class 850 railcars until class 854 units has diluted things a bit. There is a little freight traffic, particularly at the west end of the line.

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Line 021 Letohrad - Lichkov

By the middle of the last decade it was difficult to find heavy diesel hauled freights that weren’t worked by the ubiquitous (and uninspiring) class 742s. Letohrad - Lichkov was one of the principal exceptions with pairs of class 751s working trains between Letohrad and Miedzylesie in Poland. There were also a few class 749 hauled passengers and attractive scenery as well. The line was electrified in 2008 bringing the show to an abrupt end. The gallery now includes a handful of pictures showing electric workings.

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Line 292 Sumperk - Jesenik

The line from Sumperk to Jesenik runs through some of the finest scenery in the Czech Republic, climbing over the Jeseniky Hory mountains on the way. It also features an eclectic mix of motive power including locos of classes 749 and 751 in a variety of liveries and older railcars of classes 831 and 851. Class 754s have recently taken over passenger workings from the 749s. This is another photogenic line with a good variety of excellent photo positions. There are two galleries here, the first covering 2005 to 2007, the second from 2008 onwards.

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Line 341 Stare Mesto - Vlarsky Prusmyk

This line runs east from Stare Mesto u Uherskeho Hradiste, on the Breclav - Prerov main line, through Uhersky Brod, where a branch to the spa town of Luhacovice diverges, to the Slovak border at Vlarsky prusmyk. Traffic levels thin out progressively further east, with only a handful of trains reaching Vlarsky prusmyk each day. Class 754 hauled fast trains run from Luhacovice to Stare Mesto, en route to Olomouc or Praha, and there are a few peak services from Brno to Bojkovice and Bylnice.

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Line 340 Brno - Uherske Hradiste

With the electrification of the Karlovy Vary to Chomutov line, this line became the last double track, diesel worked route in the Czech Republic. Much of the line runs through a relatively flat landscape but the section from Brankovice to Kyjov runs through attractive hilly country. The passenger service is shared between class 754 diesels and class 842 railcars with the units having taken over more services in recent years. The fleet of class 754s is the most colourful in the country and most engines are kept very clean. Freight traffic is virtually non-existent.

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Line 290 Olomouc - Sumperk

The Olomouc end of this line was operated by a mixture of class 749 diesels and veteran class 851 railcars for years but class 754 diesels are now taking over from the 749s. It's not a particularly scenic line but the countryside is quite pleasant. The Sumperk end is more scenic but there are fewer trains and most of them are worked by 4-wheel railbuses. These pictures were taken between Olomouc and Unicov in April 2008 and September 2009.

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Line 251 Tisnov - Zdar nad Sazavou

The passenger service on this quiet backwater was unusual in being almost 100% loco hauled for years, probably due to the fearsome gradients on many sections. At weekends the usual class 714s were supplemented by a couple of class 750 or 754 diesels on rakes of main line coaches bringing some welcome variety to the line. In the last couple of years class 814 railbuses have taken over most services. This is another railway that runs through delightful scenery with plenty of good photo positions.

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Line 032 Jaromer - Trutnov

Against the trend, this line has seen an increase in loco hauled passenger workings in recent years. The fast trains are worked by class 754s but for a year or so there weren't enough of these engines available and class 749s appeared on some workings. Like the Mezimesti line, the south end of this route is fairly featureless but there are plenty of attractive locations between Ceska Skalice and Trutnov.

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Line 323 Ostrava - Valasske Mez.

The Ostrava end of the Valasske Mezirici line probably sees more diesel hauled trains than any other route in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately the best scenery is at the other end of the line. The section between Frydlant nad Ostravici and Frenstat pod Radhostem has a reasonable level of loco haulage and a number of excellent photo positions and was where I went to photograph class 754s in April 2008.

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Line 250 Brno Area

Brno is the second city of the Czech Republic, the historic capital of the Morava region and a major rail centre. Double track main lines, electrified at 25 kV AC, head north to Ceska Trebova, north-west to Kolin and south to Breclav, Wien and Bratislava. A single track electrified line heads north-east to Olomouc and Prerov. Diesel worked lines head west to Jihlava and east to Veseli nad Moravou and see a good number of services hauled by Brno's colourful class 754s.

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Line 180 Plzen - Domazlice

Plzen's blue, white and yellow class 754s are extremely photogenic and do most of their work in the gently undulating Sumava countryside between Plzen and Domazlice. The line continues over the border to Furth im Wald in Germany and sees several international passenger trains every day.

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